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Tel: 310 820 7280


Academy Awards Party
Judy reads Oscar winner Cloris Leachman


Judy Hevenly is a gifted, talented psychic who has been employed over the years at many Hollywood parties. She has also appeared on CBS's "Entertainment Tonight," CNN, and TV Channel's "Idol Chat."  Judy  specializes in fortune-telling for guests using tarot cards, palmistry, handwriting analysis, and face readings.

  Judy has read world-wide celebrity guests including Royalty, who attended the 80th Academy Awards, at the Sunset Towers, at dinner parties given by Krug Champagne of Paris, France, in Los Angeles, California. Judy entertained at a Pre-Emmy Awards party given by Sony Pictures Studios. She was also hired by Mercedes Benz, USA and Clear Channel Music Group, Donald Sterling of the Clippers, and Dr. Dre, the Beats Music Legend.

 Judy gave her services to raise monies for Katrina victims at a function,  hosted by US Doctors for Africa, at the Hugh Hefner's Playboy Mansion, Beverly Hills, California.  Judy regularly shares her gifts to help raise funds for the California Wildlife Center at Dick Clark's home in Malibu, California.

 Judy was hired to read for Sharon Osbourne and the  Ozzy Osbourne's band on tour in San Bernardino, California, and also at a party for  one of Elton John's producers.

 Judy worked at the 75th Academy Awards evening, at the House of Blues on Sunset, Los Angeles, whose celebrity attendees have been California Governor Gray Davis, Halle Berry, Pierce Brosnan, Chris Judd and Natalie Cole.

 Appearing at one time on a major TV show at Disney World in Florida, children and grown-ups alike enjoyed Judy's on-screen role. Judy also entertained at the 2004 MGM's film premier of "Sleep Over," for young people, and recently the 2006 film starring Julia Roberts and Dakota Fanning in "Charlotte's Web."

 Among her party clients in Los Angeles has been Jeff Apploff, Executive Producer of the 'Million Dollar Money Drop,' KTTV Fox 11 Game Show, Samsung, Robin Leach, "Runaway /Rich and Famous," 20th Century Fox Studios, Beverly Wilshire and Four Seasons Hotels, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, "Tournament of Roses" Gala Parade, the Hollywood Wax Museum, and Wells Fargo Bank.

 Judy was featured in the Hollywood Reporter and in Premier magazine, "Power Places," Life Stile TV Channel, Argentina. 

 Judy was hired by Sony Pictures Studios to entertain at the Pre-Emmy Awards Party 2002, and to perform at the 100th Anniversary Party for the Cedars-Sinai Hospital, Los Angeles.

 Judy also worked at the 2002 film premiere of "American Sweethearts," starring Julia Roberts and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

 Judy was employed to entertain at the 2003 wrap parties in Hollywood for the film "Legally Blonde 2," the TV Series "Malcolm in the Middle," and Disney's "Haunted House." starring Eddie Murphy, June 2003.

Judy has traveled and performed in Palm Springs, Las Vegas and also New York. She has donated her talents as a fortune teller/palm/card reader to many charitable events and children's organizations.

Judy will make your event "the most talked about party," around town, as she dazzles guests with her tarot, palmistry, handwriting or face readings. Guests will be amazed at her accurate forecasts.

As one of America's top psychics, Judy's a 'plus' for your party event. Her amazing intuition, and sense of humor, puts everyone at ease. Judy will always leave you with a lasting impression of her wonderful predictions.

Telephone: 310 820 7280
  800 484 3818 #3474
Office Address: 11955 Missouri Avenue
Suite 10
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(References Upon Request)
Email: Judy@JudyHevenly.Com


Judy is kind, positive, professional, fun, and most of all – entertaining.  My guests loved her and several asked for her information to hire her again. She is a treasure and I highly recommend her.
Mrs. LP,
Encino, CA.
June 9th, 2014.


Judy was tremendous! She was professional and so accurate. Everyone from the kids to the parents enjoyed their time with her. I would recommend her SO highly! We will be asking her back again. Thank you!
Mrs. HN,
Los Angeles,
3rd March 2014.


My name is Jean from Los Angeles Magazine! I just wanted give a recommendation for Judy Hevenly! Every year I have Judy at our holiday party and she is always a big hit with lines down the hall of people waiting! I've also heard rave reviews on accuracy, spiritually and warmth of spirit and humor! For what it is worth, I endorse this client!

Mrs. JG, Los Angeles, February 7, 2014.


Judy was fantastic! She was so sweet, open and helpful. Everyone at our party truly enjoyed meeting her and were just buzzing about their readings. People were lining up and could not wait for their reading! She is definitely very intuitive and also genuinely cares about people. Everyone left our party happy and she was key to helping our party be a true success!

Ms D M, Los Angele,.Microsoft Corporation Los Angeles Ca. 12 October 2013.


Thank you SO much for the reading. We greatly appreciate it.I receive wonderful feedback from our guests. They really enjoyed meeting you as well. I was surprised that so many people wanted a reading - even our most skeptical guests. I think you gained many new fans on Saturday. I will be posting positive feedback. You were great! Thanks so much to adding such positive energy to our special Los Angeles wedding celebration.

Mrs. EC, Las Vegas, Nevada 26th October 2013.


"I'm so glad Judy came to my party. She was professional, patient and fun. My guests really enjoyed her and what she had to say. I will definitely bring her again and recommend her to my friends."

Rona B. Westwood Ca, May 13,2013.


Judy was great! I was very impressed by all of her readings she gave with all the different people. I booked her for a baby shower and she was a hit, everyone talked about their own experience with her and was excited to do so. Judy was professional and great. I would definitely recommend using her and I can't wait to use her again.

Mrs. YC 5*****Stars, Los Angeles Ca. April 21, 2013.


Judy turned our party into a 'special event!' She was professional, lovely and we all enjoyed her upbeat readings. Would absolutely recommend and hire her again and again!

Ms.RB, *****Los Angeles Ca March 19, 2013


Hire this woman! Every time we have Judy at a party the lines are out the door to visit with her. She is sweet, spirit filled and intuitive! Her presence and service adds so much fun and insight for any host and their guests! A Five star bonus to any gathering!

Mrs. JG, igreenebella@aol.com Jan 9, 2013.


Judy was amazing, she made everyone feel comfortable and was very genuine when she was speaking with guests. Our guests are still talking about our party and a few have asked me how to contact Judy so that they can talk to her again. We will be rebooking Judy for our future event.

Ms. DH, Maestro Club, Newport Beach, Ca. March 5, 2012


Judy Hevenly provided a great experience for my guests at my holiday party. She was poised and exuded a warm caring energy. Her readings were insightful. She tuned into my private life as only a true psychic can and offered guidance as well as encouragement, as I reach for my dreams. I will be hiring Judy again for my next event.

Paul Mc Cullough, Party Planner, 13 January, 2012


Judy Hevenly was a strong complement to the "Future Lounge" at the Los Angeles magazine 50th Anniversary party on June 15, 2011. She was professional, attentive and very endearing with all of our guests. Party goers were inspired by her readings and she really has a caring and nurturing way about her. I would welcome Judy back to a Los Angeles magazine function again and hope to meet with her for personal reasons in the future!
TS, Marketing Dept.,
Los Angeles Magazine
Judy is a very sweet and gifted lady. She gave everyone an accurate reading and made my guests feel good about themselves. Everyone left thinking on a deeper level. Judy has a quiet presence about her and just blended into my party very well. My husbands 40th birthday party will be a memorable one!
Mrs. L. Shihabi,
Laguna Niguel, CA,
April 30, 2011
Thanks again for the great entertaining at the party last night. Folks had a great time and seemed to enjoy your readings. I was actually accused of feeding you information on people because you were spot-on with many things.
Los Angeles, CA
Dec 18th, 2010
I just wanted to thank you for the marvelous job you did at my mother's 50th birthday! You were the icing on the cake that everyone loved! Thank you so much for the detailed and time you took with every person. The next day I received numerous calls relaying how great you were and asking where they could contact you. Everyone spoke about your amazing accuracy and we received such positive feedback from everyone you're on our speed-dial for our next party! Thanks again and you'll hear from us very soon!
Tiffany Jones.
Los Angeles,
May 2010
Just wanted to let you know what a great time everyone had at the party.  I've been getting phone calls singing your praises for the past two days now.   Again, thank you so much for the big effort you put forth and I know I'll be seeing you again soon.
Randy Rogers
Culver City, CA 90230
October 26, 2009

Thank you, Judy! 
You were a big hit.  So many of the details you gave were uncannily true.  You made a lovely addition to a lovely day.
Thank you also for being so accommodating and doing a final reading for my friend before you left.  That was so kind.
The two brides loved their readings!
Bridal Shower,
Los Angeles, CA - July 12, 2009.
Judy Hevenly has entertained at the Sunset Tower Hotel on many different occasions.  Judy's predictions have been amazingly accurate and the demand for her services has been overwhelming.  She has entertained at many celebrity functions, and was also filmed by CBS "Entertainment Tonight," while here at our hotel.  Judy's talent and psychic ability is a great addition to any party, something everyone is interested in, making each event a tremendous success.  
Ms. GM, Social Director,
Sunset Tower Hotel,
West Hollywood CA 90069
Dear Judy,
Thank you so much for your readings for my guests at our costume party. It was fun to see everyone so excited...they were waiting in a line outside the reading room!! Everyone kept coming up to me accusing me of filling you in on details about them before the party which was so amazing considering I had just emailed you to set up and confirm the event! Even more astonishing is that you did know so much...and even our male guests were excited have their reading done.
Thank you for sharing your obviously powerful gift with our guests, for your professionalism and for making a fun costume party extra special!
Talitha Wegner
Halloween Party,
Los Angeles. October 31,2008
Judy – thanks so much for everything! All seemed very pleased with their readings and Anna (your assistant), did a great job of managing the lines and keeping everyone happy.
Warmest regards,
California Wild Life Center 10th Anniversary Celebration Fundraiser
held at Dick Clark's Estate,
Malibu, CA,
10th August, 2008
One Million Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You and your team rocked…
Charlie Scola aka PartyCharlie
Charlie Scola Party Planning and Catering
May 8th, 2008.

Judy: Thanks for coming to my 40th gig !
It was a pleasure to meet you, had number of friends compliment you on your readings.
Ike Suri
Managing Partner
Laguna Hills
April, 2008.
Thank you Judy for all your hard work at our Oscar events held at the Sunset Tower Hotel, Sunset Blvd, California. Everyone had an amazing time with your forecasts! You did a fantastic job!   
Ms. Taryn,
Krug Events, Los Angeles,
Krug Champagne, Reims, France,
29th February, 2008
My daughter LOVED you. All the kids had great things to say about their experience with you! My daughter's exact words were, "Judy was so cool. It was totally awesome!!! Everybody loved her!!!" Lastly I gave your name to the parent of one of Amy's friends for her daughter's event, so plan on hearing from her. Look how quickly you are getting business from our party!!! Wishing you well!!!
April 28th, 2007,
Bat Mitzvah at Temple in Brentwood, California.
Dear Judy,
The event on Friday was a huge success, and I would like to thank you for all the hard work that you contributed.
All the energy and effort you gave, made a huge impact, and I want you to know how much I appreciate your talent.
I look forward to working with you again in the future on other upcoming Events. Once again, thank you for all your efforts!
Ms. DL,
EIM Entertainment,
Los Angeles, California

Thanks.  I don’t think we could have done any better.  You and your assistant all helped to make for a great Halloween party.  All of the comments we heard were positive and most thought it was one of the best parties they had ever attended.  We had quite a few guests and most were able to spend time with at least one or both of you.  I think each of you had something different to offer every guest.  However, it all worked out so well.  We all had a blast.
Thanks again.  
David M.  
Long Beach, California, 
October 29, 2006
Insightful, provocative, sincere....Judy's predictions were a huge hit at our party.   Her uncanny insight is startling and uplifting...Judy connected so well with everyone, our guests are still talking about the experience. 
Joel, stockbroker/financial consultant,  
Los Angeles, California
October 21, 2006.
Judy was a pleasure to have out at Ozzfest this year. She did readings for a lot of high profile people that really enjoyed her services. She has a kind heart, is genuine, takes times to get to know each individual she reads for and is eerily accurate!
Kenny Kapp
Project Manager,
Clear Channel Music Group
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Judy....You helped make the night a Big success!!!!   I heard from quite a few people today about you being...."right on"!!! Thanks so much for being so professional and kind. People really felt good after they spoke with you.... and you knew just how to make the kids feel important as well! I am sure that our paths will cross sometime soon again!! Thanks so much!
Mr/Mrs E
Halloween Party for Warner Bros VP.
Ms. Hevenly,
You truly made our event the talk of the office. Thank you for professionalism and the unexpectedness that you brought to our event. People were in awe of their experience and did not expect to receive such a accurate reading.
Thank you for sharing with us your rare gift and making our event one to remember.
Happy Motoring,
Kathryn Rodriguez on behalf of Mercedes-Benz Credit and Mercedes-Benz USA.
West Coast Business Center
California, USA


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